Yamaha TG33 FM/AWM Vector Synth

Yamaha TG33 FM/AWM Vector Synth

TG33 has two synthesis engines: AWM (12-bit PCM) and CWM (2-Operator FM). This hybrid architecture is called DASS. There are two layering modes: 1PCM+1FM (32 polyphonic) and 2PCM+2FM (16 polyphonic). The Vector controls the mix balance and the detuning. There are also onboard effects.

TG33 has 128 12-bit PCM waveforms in 1MB ROM. There is no filter, as is the case with lower-end PCM synths at that time. The LFO modulation is relatively fast. It can be used to imitate a kind of cross-modulation like Roland JV's FXM.

TG33 uses 2-Operator FM with 8 basic waveforms. They can be only partially edited from the front panel. Users must choose one from 256 preset FM settings, and edit Amp Env, Brightness, LFO etc. As the AWM section has no filter, timbre motion should be created with this FM section.

There are two parameters the Vector can control: Level Vector and Detune Vector. These control the mix balance and the detuning. They can be controlled in realtime with the Joystick/MIDI CC or 50-step sequence for each. The vector sequence stops in the release segment.

There are 16 effects types including reverb, short delay and digital distortion. There is no modulating effect like chorus or flanging.

Yamaha TG33 FM/AWM Vector Synth


I made some noodlings with this when I first got mine about a year or so ago. I'm just stepping through some of the presets and furious waggling the joystick - ahem so to speak! The P number is the preset number on mine - I don't know if they are factory or not though. They are about a 1MB download each. All direct from the TG33. I won't tell you what I paid for it as it wasn't much!

You can also download them all as one big zip 11.1MB.

Listening to all this again reminds me what a great little box it is. Samples mixed with FM - nice!

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