Other Interesting Links

I've finally succumbed and created a MySpace profile.

Matrixsynth's excellent blog on everything synth

Tom Whitwell's brilliant blog Music Thing

David Vandenborn's sweet blog DVD Born

Another great synth blog Synth Wire

Oded Abramovich's super blog SHEPITOLOGY

Roberto's interesting blog Failed Muso

Please visit the most excellent guys who are Fayshalarts for some brilliant electronic music. I first heard them when their track "The Clown" was Demo Of The Month in the music magazine "Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music" of which they featured on the cover cassette. (Feb 1985 Edition).

You can hear them as they were then on the ES&CM CD.

Don't fail to visit Jonathan Redman's excellent web site on Electronic Instrument Archive. A personal collection of retro instrument ads, brochures, resources & information primarily for the admirer of eighties instrument technology. I know I'm one of those!!

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