Emu ESi-32 Internal Hard Drive Mod

A friend wanted to buy my ESI-32 and sample CDs but I couldn't give him my CD-ROM drive as I needed it for my Emax II. The solution was to put an internal drive into the ESi-32 and load the hard drive with the samples he wanted from CD.

From reading various Emu sampler Yahoo lists the internal PSU is not up to it so a second power unit is required just for the hard drive. I sacrificed the PSU from a USB to IDE converter for my drive power unit.

The hard drive I already had laying around - it's an Apple stamped Quantum Maverick 270MB SCSI drive.

This is not an extensive How to and is just meant as a guide.

Esi-32 with innards on display

First you have to open it up by removing all the screws at the side. The hard drive is on the right and the power unit at the back on the left.

Mains connector block

The mains wiring is cut AFTER the switch. A terminal block is added so I can connect mains to my drive power unit. The metal shield around the main PSU of the ESI-32 is removed and discarded as I didn't have the space for it.

It is still safe when powered on with the outer cover screwed on but be a bit more careful if working on it when powered. An IEC mains lead is then used from the connector block with the plug cut off. The IEC connector mates to the power unit as usual.

The drive power unit

The hard drive is mounted on the right hand side of the case as viewed from the front. I drilled two holes in the side of the metal chassis and screwed the drive to this side.

Mounted drive

Now put it all back together with the cables nicely routed and tied down. Put the cover back on and screw in the 7 screws.

Success! :)
Success! :)

The new drive correctly shows up on the display

It took around two hours to do but I was going very carefully and methodically. Costs were 20 for the drive PSU, but you may get one cheaper, and the drive itself was 5 from eBay. A bargain really for the added functionality it brings.

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