Alesis HR-16 Custom Sounds

Alesis HR-16

Give your 90s digital drum machine a new lease of life with classic 80s 8-bit drum sounds!

HR-16 circuit board

49 high fidelity samples of 8-bit US drum machines were used to carefully prepare these sound EPROMs for you. All 49 sounds are replaced with a selection of Linn LM-1, LinnDrum, Linn 9000, Oberheim DMX, Oberheim DX, Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Emu Drumulator, Emu SP12 and Emu S1200 samples. The Drumtraks, DMX and DX initially look under represented here but in the real world they do share the same drum and hi-hats sounds apart from the Drumtrak's kick. The Drumtraks percussion is from a Linn LM-1.† Also the DMX and DX use the same samples. Therefore, these three drum machines are adequately covered.

Three EPROMs will be provided: U15 and U16 are the custom sounds EPROMs and U11 is the software EPROM.

What's great about replacing the software EPROM is that not only do you get the last bug free stable OS release but also the names of the new drum samples will show up in the Alesis display. This allows rapid selection of the drum sound you want in your pattern.

You can see this in action in the video clip below.

Here's the list of sounds in Alesis voice number order.

Here's the list of sounds in drum machine order.

HR-16 with latest OS

Alesis HR-16b

These custom EPROMs can also be used with an Alesis HR-16b. You have to replace the software EPROM with the one supplied.

Audio examples

OK that's all well and good but how does it sound?

I know Emu's SP12 and SP1200 are 12-bit but for the purposes of this release they are classed as 8-bit USA ;)

The pitch range demo uses the LM-1 Kick, Snare, Clap and Rim going from -16 to +15 pitch range of the Alesis. There's an attempt to duplicate Prince's LM-1 patterns for his 1999 and Let's Go Crazy songs to show that it can get close to that sound.

Alesis vs Kraftwerk is an A/B composition showing how you can emulate the Kraftwerk track Boing Boom Tschak using LM-1 Bass Drum pitched down, LinnDrum Snare 23, Linn LM-1 hand clap pitched down and Linn LM-1 tambourine pitch high and normal. I think you can work out the transition points!

The medley on YouTube showing which drum machine sounds are playing.

Installation Instructions

PLEASE BACKUP YOUR PATTERN AND SONG DATA before you install these EPROMS. There shouldn't be a problem but the HR-16 has had memory problems which were eventually corrected over its design life-time. However, the act of replacing the EPROMs could trigger a memory corruption event.

You will need a small screw driver. Lever each end a little at a time alternately until itís free enough to pick up by hand. Note where the notch on the EPROM is as you need to put each EPROM back in the same way.

Make sure you donít bend any pins in both pulling the old ones out and putting the new ones in. Some force will be needed to put the new ones in but if itís a lot then a pin is probably not located in the socket properly. You may need to find the rogue pin and tweak it slightly with a screwdriver. It should go in with a smooth movement if everything is OK.

HR-16 circuit board with custom EPROMs

Pricing Information

The full bank of sounds consisting of 3 EPROMs including free V1.09 software update is 50.00 GBP.

Postage costs per order :
UK - recorded signed for - 4.99 GBP
Worldwide - tracked and insured - 9.99 GBP

Please select from the drop down box below to order this cable including postage to your location:

Price including postage

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy these sounds as much I do.

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