Chris's Songs From Between 1994 and 1997

All these tracks were made using Cakewalk Pro 3.0 driving just a Creative Labs AWE32 sound card with home made sound fonts. I increased the sample memory on the card to a massive 8MB at great expense!

Each track was recorded from the AWE32 output on to my Denon analogue cassette deck before being played back into the computer for digital recording purposes. There wasn't enough computing power in my PC to play the tracks AND to record the output!

My PC over this period ranged from a Pentium Overdrive 486 to a 500MHz AMD - OK for MIDI but not really digital audio manipulation.

I did make a CD of 30 tracks from this period, 13 of which are represented here as a Best Of That Never Was kind of album titled The Dreams Are Always The Same. There are two copies in existence - LOL

The dreams are always the same

Here are selec ted tracks from the album, they are approximatly 2.5Mb in size and 2:30 long.

Track 01 '4 Ever More' is a piano and drums track with resonant bassline and flutes and lead guitar sounds!

Track 04 'Earthrise' is notable as the main synth sequence is actually a WAV file produced by a program I wrote in 1995 using Turbo Pascal to output Sawtooth WAVs in a sequence of pitches. A kind of forerunner to today's soft synths!. The WAVs was loaded into the AWE32 who's LFO driven resonant filters processed it.

Track 05 'Experiment T2', the starting sequence is also and audio WAV containing the whole riff triggered each bar. The drums are a slowed down Jungle loop. The end is a long Roland D50 LA synth sample. The vocals are obviously a sample too :)

Track 06 'Fast Seq' is a fast sequenced Church Organ sound with 808 hats and lead guitar and strings. Quite simple but effective.

Track 11 'I feel it' is my first proper track, verse, chorus, middle section, end section and is 4 mins 23 secs long. Lots of long D50 LA synth samples and vocal samples too. The main strings are sampled Roland Alpha Juno 2 strings. The slowed down Jungle loop makes up the rhythm track along with sampled lead guitar.

Track 14 'Lead on' is a frantic track with two different lead line sequences, one in each channel!

Track 15 'Lilly' is a gentle track featuring sampled steel guitar and flutes with gentle 808 drums. It's named in honour of my cat :D

Track 16 'Matjora' is my version of Johannes Schmoelling's Matjora Is Alive track from his first solo CD Wuivend Riet - Wind blown Reeds in English - and an excellent CD it is too.

Track 21 'Run 4 it' is a frantic blast with full on drums and choir, saw synth bass and sequences with the lead guitar sample again!

Track 26 'Take me' is another frantic full on blast with Prophet 600 power sounds, big drums, piano and choir, saw synth bass and pads.

Track 28 'Three Oh 3' is remarkable in that Cakewalk Pro 3.0 could trigger WAV files as well as MIDI. A first in audio and MIDI being combined in one package. The 303 sequence is a real 303 from a sample CD and each different bar is three WAVs triggered at the appropriate time.

Track 29 'Tropic' is my re-interpretation of Edgar Froese's Tropic Of Capricorn track from his Ages album.

Track 30 'Wowser' is a laid back groove with distorted B3 organ and honky tonk piano with appearances from an Oboe, a Clarinet and a lead guitar sound giving a nice sense of warmth.

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