Chris's Songs From 1985 and 1986

The following mp3s are full songs from these years.
Things had improved by blagging gear off friends and friends of friends etc


'Yeah' was made using the home made sampler doing the 'Yeah' sampler - can you guess where I got that sound from? A good ol' Poly 800 for the bass sequence and strings and organ. My CS10 was used through a fuzzbox and analog echo for lead. All this was recorded onto a 4 track Portastudio.
I wish I had a version of this track without the Yeah as it's quite annoying - I may recreate the track without this sometime.

Yeah MP3, 3:09 long, 2.9Mb

Capturing Holograms

'Capturing Holograms' is heavily borrowed from the Neuronium/Michel Huygens track of the same name. I used the SH101 for bass sequence, Poly 800 for strings/organ/sweeps and flute lead. A Boss Dr Rythm for drums - yay!. I had a CZ1000 by now and used it for the trumpet lead - I still don't like that sound in this song. All recorded onto the Portastudio again.

Capturing Holograms MP3, 5:38 long, 5.2Mb

Telephone call

'Telephone Call' is a homage to Kraftwerk's track of the same name with samples from that track too of the drums and telephone noises. There is also guest vocal samples from me! The sampler this time is a Spectrum RAM Music Machine that was more flexible than the one I built and was two note poly and acted as the sampling drum machine I used it for. It also had a MIDI sequencer and MIDI interface - not bad for the year!

This recording has some history. It was recorded at my eldest brother's rehearsal room when he played in a prog-rock band called "K-Mosaic" in Southend, Essex. The portastudio was a double speed eight track that used the full width of the tape.

A few months later I foolishly recorded over one side of this tape. What was left was this track but running backwards and at half speed! Well a quick tweak in Cool Edit Pro sorted that out and rescued enough. But I had to wait for technology to catch up with me in order to rescue this track. The synths were Juno 106 for organ sound and lead plus a DX7 for bass.

Telephone call MP3, 2:29 long, 2.3Mb

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