Chris's Songs From 1985 and 1986

The following mp3s are excerpts from my dabblings with my home made Spectrum Sampler "Artificial Intelligence"

This was built in August 1985 from an article in the May 1985 issue of Electronic Soundmaker and Computer Music Magazine.

It used 32kbytes of Spectrum RAM and sampled between 1 sec (32kHz) and 4 secs (8kHz) for really grainy lo-fi - and not a filter in sight!

You play the sound back using CV and gate output of your favourite monosynth. In my case a Yamaha CS10. This actually gave out a Hz/Volt output so scaling was interesting!

I also blagged my middle bro's SH101 which with linear CV helped!

So here we are 12 excerpts of one or two monosynths, an occassional Casio MT41, a home made sampler and Kate Bush, Human League, David Bowie, Clannad, Art Of Noise and Frankie Goes To Hollywood records!

Please bear in mind that I was 15 and 16 at the time and music technology wasn't what it used to be nor musical taste!

Hey I was doing drum loops whilst most kids out there were still in nappies!

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